The Evolution of Fitness

Let’s save a life with Superfoods

 To the Fit Notes Nation,

It’s time to come together and help make a difference in a great person’s life. My client Allison is undergoing some serious surgery for cancer this Monday. Myself and her friends are taking it upon ourselves to do everything we can to help her beat this and have a successful recovery.

I’ve been researching and experimenting with Superfoods (ie. Spirulina, bee pollen, cacao) and coincidentally was getting ready to begin posting about them before we found about Allison. Superfoods such as the ones mentioned above are being used by doctors to CURE cardiovascular disease and in some cases cure cancer and other previously considered terminal diseases. Unfortunately this research is being pushed aside due to the strong influence of big pharmaceutical companies who are more concerned with profits than progress. Watch “Food Matters” and you’ll see the importance of addressing your diet, especially with these Superfoods.

I’ve built my diet around Superfoods for the past 6 months and I’ve never felt better. My energy levels are through the roof and my physical performance has increased drastically. There is tremendous research backing up the impact these foods can have on such a recovery process and I refuse to let Allison undergo surgery and then be fed Wonder Bread & Jell-O while the doctors “hope for the best”. I’m going to be donating all the money I make with my Body Blast class to funding her superfood diet and we’ll also be setting up donation centers around downtown San Diego.

I’m hoping that a good amount of the Fit Note faithful can find the time to send a check so we can make sure Allison is getting the best nutrition possible for her recovery. I’m only asking for $5.00 and for those of you who contribute I’ll send you a copy of CK FUEL so you can help yourself with your own diet too. To donate send checks made out to “Vai Fitness” below:

Vai Fitness LLC

1130 7th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101

I know there’s a million causes out there to give to but if we can help Allison and support those trying to show that these superfoods work we can help a ton of people in the long run. Pass the word to your friends or post on your facebook and lets see what kind of impact we can have!

During this process I’ll be tracking donations on the site and updating on Allison’s status as well as what exactly we’re buying and preparing for her and why so you can guys can all learn while you help. Thanks in advance for your support and I’ll do my best to get back to posting new workouts when possible!

Allison….clearly on a “choice” day

Thanks so much to:
Deb Faulk
The Wittenauers
Maureen Longdo
Ralph & Betty Kirch



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