The Evolution of Fitness

Fit Notes for 2012 coming soon….

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m almost finished with the new format for the site and have a ton of new content to start adding, I’ll have new videos up this weekend and I’m looking forward to getting feedback on the new site design. My goal is to make creating a healthy lifestyle plan for yourselves as simple as possible, you’ll see that there will now be sections for the girls, for the guys, CK Extreme (for the athlete/advanced strength trainer), and a Nutrition Hub that will outline healthy eating and link you to all the best online sources for super/organic/healthy foods.

I wanted to have it up for the new year but this is the busiest time of the year for me so I had to take care of business first, thanks for your patience! Please bear with me this week as a lot of content/site features will be moving around.

Also, I took Allison out with a bunch of the girls she used to workout with the other week she is looking and feeling great and has high hopes for recovery! Thanks again for everyone’s donations and I’ll keep you posted on her progress.



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