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How to take Superfoods

I’ve gotten a lot of response on the superfoods, mainly how to actually consume them. Here’s how I work those top 4 into my daily diet:

Goji Berries- I’ll generally have a handful to start my day but if you want something more entertaining you can mix them in greek yogurt, oatmeal, or on a salad kinda like cranberries.

Spirulina- This one is tough because the powder is very clingy and gooey when it gets wet, I just blend it up in protein shakes. Sometimes I’ll mix it in oatmeal, if you do this you’ll want to make sure you have some honey and fruit for taste because the spirulina is an algae and can have a moldy taste. Some of you may prefer the tabs/pill form which they say is just as effective but you have to be careful that they weren’t made with some kind of  agent to hold them together.

Cacao- I love mixing this is with oatmeal, gives it a chocolate taste. Again, add some honey or fruit if you want a little more flavor value. I’ll also blend the powder into protein shakes/smoothies.

Bee Pollen- I’ll just take this straight to the face, I like the taste and eat mine about 30 minutes before a workout. It can be rough on the stomach when you’re first getting used to it so some of you may prefer mixing it in oatmeal, greek yogurt, smoothie, or sprinkling it on top of a salad.

Superfood Green Monster: If you want to get it all in one meal try this concoction I came up with, I like to use it for a post-workout meal.

Stir in Spirulina and Cacao and a scoop of whey protein with steel-cut oats and top with goji berries and bee pollen. You’ll want to flavor it with some honey also (to mask the taste of the spirulina). It looks like slop they might serve in prison but it actually tastes really good and is perfect for helping your body recover from a tough bout at the gym.

In terms of amounts for these superfoods many of you will reap the healthy benefits by following the serving sizes on the package. If you’re training at a very high intensity level then you’ll see better strength and endurance gains from increased amounts of bee pollen and spirulina. I take 30g of spirulina and 1/2 cup of bee pollen per day, the goji berries I keep to an ounce and Cacoa 2.5tbsp like it recommends on the package.



2 responses

  1. Tarek

    Perfectly timed and very handy tips…I’ve tried mixing bee pollen in with a hot drink like tea in the mornings. Then I read that it loses some it’s goodness if exposed to too much heat. Do you know if this is true?

    February 5, 2012 at 11:05 am

    • Ya unfortunately, just like cooking veggies can drastically reduce the nutrient value. The best bee pollen is freeze packed and shipped & displayed in stores refriderated to preserve the nutrients. I like how you’re thinking and even more that you read up on it….thanks for the feedback glad you liked the post!

      February 7, 2012 at 8:21 pm

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