The Evolution of Fitness

Speed, Agility, & Conditioning

This section is for all the athletes or weekend warriors out there who are just as concerned with performance as they are with aesthetics.

Cardio Challenge

For this challenge you’ll need the following equipment: Jump rope, standard bench, 25lb medicine ball, 36inch box (if you don’t have access to one use a standard bench), 36lb Kettle Bell or 35lb dumbbell, and a Swiss Ball. For the jump roping do your best to match the intervals (I just speed up as fast as I can for about 15 second bursts during the 3 chorus’s, but find a song that works for you and makes the time). Here’s the rep/time count for each move:

1. Jump Rope: 4 min 30 seconds/1 minute rest, 2. Single Leg Box Hop 10x each leg/30 second rest, 3. Medicine Ball Burpee  15 reps (if you don’t have a medicine ball do regular burpees with a jump and add 5 reps)/1 minute rest, 4. Oopty Oops 25x (over and back is 1 rep)/1 min rest, 5.KettleBell Swing 15x each arm/30 second rest, 6. Explosive Step Up/Squat Pyramid (Do 1 explosive step up each foot then 1 squat, then 2 explosive step ups and 2 squats….build up to 5 and 5)/90 second rest, 7. Standing Swiss Ball Rollout 15x/30 second rest, 8. Swiss Ball Side Crunch 10x each side/30 second rest, 9. Bench Clearing Hop 10x (over is one rep)/1 min rest, 10. Lateral Hop w/Burpee 10x each side/DONE.

By the way if your gym doesn’t have the equipment above complain until you get it or find a real gym.

Single Leg Box Hop


A great way to increase your linear speed, change of direction, footwork, and conditioning all in one is the L-Drill (I accidentally saved it T-Drill, that’ll be next week). Here Timmy demonstrates great footwork/body control by staying low and tight to the cones, accelerating the straight aways. The cones should be set about 10 yards apart (shape of an L), look to do 10 sets each direction with 30-60 seconds rest in between.

Basic Heavy Bag Boxing Pattern:


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