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Subway is NOT the way

I’ll be the one to say it- Subway is not good for you. Again, due to convincing marketing they’ve made us all think it’s a fresh, natural choice for a quick healthy meal. Their meats are packed with cancer causing nitrates, their breads made with enriched flours, corn syrups, etc. Essentially, they mask fast food product similar in quality to the McNugget Goo I posted the other day with some vegetables to make it seem healthy. Check out the Subway ingredient list for yourself

If something has more than 4 or 5 ingredients you want to stay away from it, ideally you want just 1 or 2. If you look at all of Subways products you’ll find paragraphs of ingredients. Your best bet is to buy some quality sandwich foods and make them yourself; you’ll save money and improve your health. Boar’s Head brand deli meats are nitrate free, and a high quality Ezekiel or %100 whole wheat bread loaf will cost you $5 for a weeks worth of sandwiches.

Also, Subway’s latest commercial brags about how they achieved the “200 calorie” barrier for a breakfast sandwich. Remember that calories aren’t the enemy, we need them as long as they are coming from quality food sources. I’d bet that Subway’s hope for this campaign is that customers will buy more sandwiches because they think “oh they’re only 200 calories a piece”. Remember that they just care about their profit and keeping you hooked on their product- don’t fall for it.