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Wake up and stop the coffee/energy drinks/drowsiness

Have to vent a little today everyone and I hope that most of you will take this to heart and put it to use. All day I watch people drag themselves through the work day, listen to people at the gym complain about being tired, and marvel at the lack of physical health in society that is declining at an increasingly scary rate.  I explain to people why eating healthy, organic foods is the key but for some reason nobody believes me or has an excuse not to (‘ expensive, I don’t have time, etc).  I’ve already answered those objections for the Fit Notes  Nation so I know all of you are aware that eating right doesn’t have to consume your life or your wallet. But for any of you who aren’t sold on the idea that food is the answer to all of your health & energy deficiencies I want you to try this for one day and feel the difference:

Wake up: 12oz of water 1 cup of greek yogurt & drizzle with honey or mix in favorite fruit

– Sip on another 12oz of water

Breakfast: 2-4 whole organic brown eggs scrambled with chopped kale and topped with shredded cheese/salsa, 1/2-1 cup of oatmeal with honey or berries

– Sip another 12oz bottle of water

Lunch- Grilled chicken on a 100% whole wheat wrap with spinach, tomato, avocado, and mustard/light mayo

– Sip another 12oz bottle of water

Dinner- Grill up some Wild caught sockeye salmon/Wild caught tuna steak/Shrimp (pick one). Serve over brown rice that you cook and mix in chopped Kale, onions, and carrots (saute the rice and veggies after the rice is cooked in some olive oil).

Purchase all organic fruits/veggies/meats JUST FOR ONE DAY. We all talk about how much energy we had as kids, yes we were young but back then even my generation was eating WAY better, more natural foods.

My point is that we are all malnourished and dehydrated and that’s why we depend on sugar (coffee, energy drinks, fast/processed food) to barely make it through the day. I’M NOT SAYING GIVE UP YOUR MORNING CUP OF JOE… has it’s benefits, you just don’t want to depend on multiple cups all day long.  I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again, you only get one body and it blows my mind how many of us fail to provide the best nutrients possible to live a long and vibrant life. Please take a day and try eating the “old fashioned” way and I promise you’ll feel 100% better.

I’m redesigning Fit Notes once again to accommodate your feedback, look for the new format and videos coming in January. Until then I’ll be posting some workout outlines based on the videos/content already provided so you have some new challenges to roll into the new year with. Have a great holidays and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on EATING RIGHT!